Going to the RI Convention in Singapore.   Join us on this amazing organized trip to the convention, tours and Thailand extension.  Sign up your Family & Friends.
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Since 1910, Rotarians have gathered once every year in different cities of the world in a convention to celebrate our successes, learn and share knowledge, find new ideas to run with or projects to participate in, expand our fellowship or friendship base, meet with Rotary Leaders and fellow Rotarians, partners, fellowships and action groups, plan the year or years ahead, explore the host city and get ready to take on the next Rotary year with optimism!
Conventions are your best opportunity to see, hear and experience everything about Rotary in a week! There are pre-convention and convention events including the House of Friendship, and post-convention events like tours and opportunities to attend the meetings of local Rotary clubs.
What other event do you get a chance to meet tens of thousands of Rotarians, families, and friends in one place! In 2024, from May 25 to 29, another opportunity to experience Rotary like this will present itself. Singapore, the beautiful city-state with five million people, will host the Rotary International Convention.
Registration commenced since May 27, 2023 and is still on-going. However, register by 15 December to take advantage of the early registration discount! Visit Convention (rotary.org) and register now!
Singapore isn’t just an island nation; it’s got 64 Islands! The most popular being Sentosa Island - aka the ultimate playground because it houses some of the best sites for the family, including Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Waterpark and Palawan Beach. 
As Rotarians, where one of our Areas of Focus is Supporting The Environment, it will interest you to know that nearly half of Singapore’s land area is under green cover, making Singapore one of the world’s greenest cities. 
We look forward to seeing you in Singapore!
Discover one of the most advanced countries in Southeast Asia with this 06-day small-group tour of Singapore! Embark on a magical journey to uncover the beauty of this fascinating city! Explore the iconic district of Little India see the National Orchid Gardens and visit the Thian Hock Keng — the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore. Enjoy the views from Marina Bay and see the iconic symbol of Merlion. Experience adventure and childhood joys as you visit the Universal Studio and the Sentosa Island. Let the child inside you come out and let you enjoy the world!


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